Preschoolers learn social justice

EMPATHY: Eli Flanagan, 4, left, helps preschool classmates Isabella Machan, 4, and Paddy O’Sullivan, 3. Picture: Peter StoopFOUR-year-old Eli Flanagan is putting his preschool lessons about social justice into practice.

The KU Maitland Mobile Preschool student could not stop grinning when asked about how he helped other people: “I help pack up toys … I help my mum at home … I teach my sister things … I help the other kids learn.”

The activities are part of a move to help children between three and five learn about fairness, sharing and helping others. This week the children are participating in a charity drive for Carrie’s Place in Maitland, a refuge for women and children affected by domestic violence.

Preschool director Nicole-Brooke Dean said the children helped a charity every year, and the task helped to teach them about having compassion for those less fortunate.