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On Monday August 4 there were 91 of us who contested a 14 hole single Stableford, a medal round. Equal top score of the day, for a large chook and medal in B grade was Ross Dyer with 30 c/b. Small fowl to Ken Treay 30, Ron Weber 28 and Tom Carpenter 27. Balls to Col Huntley, Alan Evans, Bob Willis, Greg Clarke, Carl Metcalfe, Mat Clark and Ron Witham down to 25.

In C grade, Rod Bower came to the fore with 30, gaining the medal. Cameron Kirton 29, Les Thompson 28 and Bill Ramsey 28 c/b chased down the lesser birds. Balls to Allan Ward, John Potts, Frank Collits, Brian Johnston, Geoff Campbell and Col Watson down to 24.

In A grade, Wayne Moir may wear his medal with pride with 29 c/b. Small feathered ones to Ian Johnston 29, Bryce Shean 28 and Neville McCarthy 27.

Balls to Bob Lodge, Len Livingstone, Noel Burnett, Bob Ferguson, Ken O’Loughlin, Rod Allen and Graham Williams down to 25.

NTP’s: 7th – Barry Collier in A, Barry Lovegrove in B and Noone Onzagreen in C. 10th – Neville McCarthy in A, Barry Pickering in B and Brian Johnston in C. CCR=28.

Winners in our short course event on Thursday 31st July – Chooks to John Potts 21, Laurie Hamilton 18. Balls to R. Philp, I. McWatters, V. Jamieson, B. Shean, G. Williams, C. Metcalfe, B. Pickering, A. Ward and J. Sykes to 16.

Ivor Titelye.


We had visitors this week from Wauchope, Traralgon, Wauchope. We welcome you and hope you enjoyed playing at Camden Haven and we hope you come back again.

Thursday 7th August Members 2 Ball Ambrose, Sponsored by Mens Golf Club.

Winners A. Howe , A. Payne 58.50, R/Ups W. O’Neill, M. Bird 60.25, 2nd R/Ups R. Bate, P. Ryan 65.75. N.T.P. 9th Sponsored by Mens Golf Club A. Grade I. Lang 3.08, B. Grade N. McCarthy 2.56, C. Grade K. Treay 3.01. N.T.P. 10th Sponsored by Searson Shannon & Co A. Grade M. Bird 1.12, B. Grade C. Milne 4.18, C.Grade R. Morgan 0.65. N.T.P. 12th Sponsored by Mens Golf Club A. Grade A. Howe 0.64, B. Grade M. Richards 3.21, C. Grade R. Witham 4.07. Overall Scratch Winners I. Lang & K. Lang 66.00. Balls to 69.00, Chickens to 66.50.

Saturday 9th August Single Stableford Sponsored by Laurieton Auto Parts. A. Grade Nett Winner R. Plante 33C/B, R/Up D. Hiltunen 33C/B. B. Grade Nett Winner J. Smokey Smith 38pts, R/Up R. Hogg 36. C. Grade Nett Winner S. Blackshaw 34pts C/B, R/Up W. Sheridan 34C/B. Scratch Winners A. Grade A. Holster 26, B. Grade R. Millard 20, C.Grade R. Robb 13. N.T.P. 9th Sponsored by Riverview Service centre A. Grade G. Blanch 2.07m, B. Grade R. Hogg 5.58m, C. Grade S. Blackshaw 12.24m. N.T.P. 10th Sponsored by Searson Shannon & Co A. Grade K. Lang 0.70m, B.Grade B. Scott 8.18m, C. Grade G. Campbell 2.87m. N.T.P. 12th Sponsored by Mens Golf Club A. Grade S. James 0.70m, B. Grade W. Moir 2.18, C. Grade K. Jarrett 2.10m. N.T.P. 18th Sponsored by Tony Gunning Homes T. Haylett 10.97m. 20 Balls to 32. 6 Chickens to 18C/B.


Tuesday 5th August, Professional Steve Boswell Competition, Winner A. Howe 39pts, R/Up G. Grayston 38pts, 3rd M. Bate 36pts C/B. N.T.P.9th P. Hart 4.29, N.T.P. 12th R. Philp 0.05. Balls to 31.


Wednesday 6th August Monthly Medal 6th Round + WGNSW Medal. Sponsored by H. Crawley, B. Napper, L. Hawkins. Division 1 Winner J. Ramsey 73 Nett, R/Up L. Kunze 75, 2nd R/Up J. Hardy 76. Division 2 Winner B. Pole 70 Nett, R/Up D. Bell 73, 2nd R/Up L. Buckley 78. Divison 3 Winner H. Hilderbrand 79Nett, R/Up M. Morris 80, 2nd R/Up S. McLeod 82. July Monthly Medal Div. 1 Jean Ramsey 78. Ball Winners S. Byron, B. Andrews, P. Taylor, K. Yewdall, E. Wallace, I. Williams, J. Kerr, P. McRae, P. Egan, M. Sykes, F. Fairbrother, J. Smith. N.T.P. Div 1 P. Taylor, Div 2 L. Buckley, Div 3 S. McLeod.N.T.P. 12th O.T.F. P. Egan. Jane Napper Ball R. Sinclair. WGNSW Medal Div 1 B. Andrews, Div 2 D. Bell, Div 3 H. Hilderbrand. Saturday 2nd August Winner H. Hilderbrand 33pts, R/Up B. Andrews 33pts, N.T.P L. Kunze.


Sunday 10th August Single Stableford + Women versus Men. Sponsors Mens Golf Club + John & Molly Sykes. Mens Winner D. Viney 36pts, R/Up A. Evans 35ptsC/B, Balls D. Christensen, R. Robb, C. Fletcher. Womens Winner L. Perry 34pts, R/Up B. Pole 33pts. Balls P. Kerr, M. Sykes, L. Kunze. N.T.P. 9th P. Hardy 7.22m. N.T.P. 12th R. Evans.

John & Molly Sykes Trophy Mens V Ladies Ave Scores – Ladies Victorious 29-26. All ladies received a ball.


Sunday 10th August, A. Grade Winner Sam Ward 40/32, R/Up Tyron Hiltunen 43/33. B. Grade Winner Jesse Murrell 35/21, R/Up Thomas Fajkes 66/22. Scratch Benn Dunn 33. Long Drive -20 Ben Dunn 33. Long Drive -20 Ben Dunn , +20 Ben Neely. N.T.P. -20 Tyron Hiltunen, +20 Ben Neely. Shark Shoot-out Sam Ward, Mini Shoot-out Jesseka Potts. Super Put Scott Foord. 6 hole competition 4 Players – Winner Gilbert 34. N.T.P. Ben Hawes, Long Drive Jessica Potts. 7 Sub Juniors for coaching with Professional Steve Boswell. Welcome new sub juniors the Diamond family – Jack – Lauren – Kimberly and Amber. New Juniors Troy turner, Josh Holes, Jordie Malzard & Ben Webber. Same time next week 8.30 for 9.00 start. Girls & Boys most welcome.


Tuesday 12th August Professional Steve Boswell Single Stableford. Wednesday 13th Lady Golfers WGCNC Tournament Wauchope, 4BBBStableford.Sponsored by B. Love. Thursday 14th August Men Golfers Single Stableford +2B Worst Score each hole. Sponsored by Mens Golf Club. Saturday 16th August Men Golfers Single Par +2BBB Sponsored by Men Golf Club. Saturday 16th August Lady Golfers Single Stableford. Sunday 17th August Medley 2BBBStableford. Sunday 17th August Junior Golf 8.30 for 9.00am Start. Girls and boys most welcome. Monday 18th August Men Veteran Single Stableford. Bill Medley Shield Port Macquarie 18 holes.

Please give your support to our Wonderful Sponsors and we thank them for their participation and generous donations. M.S.

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