Draper calls for GM trial caution

AUSTRALIA’S largest genetically modified food producer is playing down the significance of crops found to be contaminated.
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Reports last week said canola seeds to be exported to Japan had been contaminated, prompting opponents of GM crops to warn of future reduced sales for farmers who are GM free.

Bayer Crop Science spokeswoman Susie O’Neill said it was not responsible for the contamination of pure grains and that the level of contamination was insignificant.

“It’s about 10 times the level that is normally reportable for grains, and about 100 times below the level that is required for food labelling generally for GMO products here in Australia,” Ms O’Neill said.

“So it is a minuscule amount that has been detected.”

Ms O’Neill said it was unlikely the GM material originated from one of Bayer’s sites.

“This particular event has not been grown in a trial in Victoria since 1996 and it was an extremely small trial, less than one hectare, done under very stringent conditions,” she said.

The Member for Tamworth, Peter Draper, said the contamination of Victorian canola seeds with genetically modified material should send a clear message to the NSW Government to maintain extreme caution in the trialling of GM food crops in NSW. “While I support GM technology in textile and fibre crops, I have voiced strong opposition to its use in the production of food crops, such as canola and soya beans, in the absence of conclusive proof they are safe to consume,” Mr Draper said.

“I also believe its potential to compromise export markets makes experimenting with research trials a risk simply not worth taking.

“I maintain my opposition to the introduction of trials of GM canola in NSW due to the danger of cross contamination with traditional crops. I feel it is impossible to guarantee neighbouring crops will not be affected and damage to the industry’s clean green image would be irreversible.”

He said the former Parry Shire Council took an early stand against the technology promoting the area as being GM-free due to the fact that export markets demanded a GM-free product.

“I accept the technology can be of great benefit in textile crops, such as cotton, where genetic modification of the plant makes it resistant to pests, reducing dependence on chemicals.”

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Fun with Fabrics exhibition

LUSC Friendship Quilters Stephanie Wright, Sally Hart, Rhonda Hudson, Kim Vickers, Dianne Essam, Sandra Stuckings, Yvon Vuxton, Norma Madden, Jan Chant, Carol Brown, June Wholohan, Yvonne Hudson, Janet Ross, Jean Hodge and Barbara Booth in readiness for their October long week-end exhibition.THE ladies of the LUSC Friendship Quilters are holding their “Fun with Fabrics” Quilting Exhibition on the October long weekend October 4, 5, and 6 at the Laurieton United Servicemen’s Club. (LUSC)
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There will be a wide variety of hand crafted items, both contemporary and traditional style quilts and hangings, embroidery, a fantasy display, handbags, books, a Sales Table (make an early start on Christmas shopping )and once again there’s a beautiful quilt to raffle.

Proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to the Hastings Home Hospice and Palliative Care. This dedicated group of volunteers assist patients who are suffering from life threatening illnesses and provide invaluable support for their carers. They do not receive Government assistance and exist mainly on donations.

As well as their personal projects, the LUSC Friendship Quilters continue to support local charities by donating goods such as knee rugs for the two Laurieton Aged Care facilities, mastectomy pillows for local hospitals which are used by patients recovering from surgery and each year several quilts are donated to charities.

This “Fun with Fabrics” Quilt Exhibition is the public’s chance to support the ladies who support so many others in our community.

Take advantage of the extended opening hours (Sat 4th and Sun 5th 10am to 8pm and Mon 6th, 10am to 3pm), at the Laurieton United Services Club in Seymour Street.

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Rain hampers levee progress

THE ducks are happy but the bulldozers are on hold at the Taminda levee
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Wet weather is hampering progress on the flood protection works but, as yet, has not affected the planned completion date, according to Tamworth Regional Council urban works engineer Michael Bloem.

He said the delays shouldn’t impact on the anticipated completion date.

The levee, which has been given a million dollar funding boost from the State and Federal governments, may need to be pumped dry to help speed up the next building stage, Mr Bloem said.

That will include major roadworks at the corner of Plain and Ebsworth streets. The project is expected to be completed in early 2007.

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Extraordinary fund raising effort

MEMBERS of the Camden Haven Lantern Club were recently acknowledged for their extraordinary work in raising funds for the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC).
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Camden Haven Lantern Club raised over $20,000 for RIDBC during 2007/2008. This was a significant contribution to the combined $536,000 raised by RIDBC’s 25 Lantern Clubs during this period.

Since their inception in 1964, Lantern Club members from across NSW have dedicated their time and effort to raise over $11.4 million for RIDBC.

Club members celebrated this great result at the recent annual luncheon held at the Menzies Hotel, Sydney.

The Camden Haven Lantern Club always welcomes new members – anyone interested in helping should contact President, Bill Newman on 02 6585 5106

RIDBC currently provides high quality education programs to over 800 children and their families Australia wide. It relies heavily on community funds – such as those raised by the Lantern Clubs – to continue making a difference to the lives of children with sensory impairment.

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Wood stacks up as rain falls down

THEY’VE got a full house at Tamworth’s Trussframe. Every last nook and cranny has been taken up by house frames ready to roll just as soon as there’s a break in the weather.
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There are frames by the dozen in the yard, trusses stacked to the rafters and a mountain of wood waiting to be cut and gang-nailed.

In fact, the rain-induced delays have got to the point where the business has had to call time-out on


Company director Derrek Cargill said yesterday it was a case of wait for Mother Nature to dry out building sites before it was back to business.

“We’re bursting at the seams,” Mr Cargill said. “And with wet sites from Muswellbrook to Moree, it will be a few days before we get the backlog on the way out.”

Trussframe director Morris Mondolo said they had about 12 houses worth of frames and trusses in the yard, more than $120,000 worth – enough to fill a football field in frames and then some.

“This is the first time in our history we’ve had to call a halt because we’ve run out of room,” Mr Mondolo said.

“Normally the frames are trucked out to sites as they’re made but with builders waiting for the ground to dry and slabs yet to go down, we’re at a standstill.”

But there’s a silver lining to the clouds, according to Mr Mondolo. “No one’s complaining too much about the wet,” he said. “It’s good for the economy and it’s good for the building industry. We’ve been pretty busy for a while and the quotes are still very strong.”

It’s just a bit of a squeeze getting to the tearoom.

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Commissioner comes with command boost

LOCAL police numbers will be bolstered next month within the Oxley Local Area Command following the arrival of six new probationary
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The new officers will be stationed at Tamworth and Gunnedah and will be the latest recruits to graduate from the NSW Police College in Goulburn next month.

NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney said, during his visit to Tamworth yesterday as part of his fact-finding tour of the region, that the new recruits will significantly boost staffing numbers throughout the Oxley LAC.

As he met with local police, Mr Moroney said the

new recruits would improve struggling police numbers due to officers being off on long-term sick leave.

“I’m pleased to announce the Oxley LAC will be receiving six new probationary constables graduating from the police college in August,” Mr Moroney said.

“This will greatly increase frontline police in Tamworth, Gunnedah and other stations within the Oxley LAC. Numbers will be boosted further when 11 officers, currently on long-term sick leave and four on maternity leave, return to duties later this year.”

Oxley LAC superintendent Tony Jefferson welcomed the arrival of the new recruits and said they would undergo two to three months of training before starting duties.

“These officers will greatly assist staffing levels in the Oxley LAC,” superintendent Jefferson said.

“By October we should see policing numbers here in the Oxley LAC back on track.

“The Oxley LAC is a popular area and there is currently a waiting list for officers wishing to be stationed here.”

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Retirement village residents force legislation rethink

LOCAL Queens Lake Retirement Village residents have told a forum the State Government’s proposed changes to the Retirement Villages Act are unfair and should be rejected when State Parliament resumes this week.
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The Forum was organised by Nationals Leslie Williams last week with the Shadow Minister for Fair Trading Catherine Cusack, to ensure the views of local residents could be voiced during debate in Parliament. Ms Cusack briefed residents on key changes being proposed by the Government and then asked residents to express their opinions.

The result was a torrent of criticism including fears that residents who are leaseholders will face higher levies to pay for capital items at their villages. Most are pensioners and simply cannot afford increases. Residents believe Retirement Village operators are trying to shift costs on to them to increase profits. They are concerned the legislation will void their lease agreements and leave them out of pocket and with fewer rights.

Mr John Cooper of Queens Park Retirement Village chaired the meeting and presented documentation to support the argument and explain the problems. Ms Cusack was deeply impressed with the research and evidence presented by residents who asked the Opposition to block the legislation in the Upper House.

“Prior to last week’s forum I was expecting we would allow passage of the Bill through all stages. The need to update Retirement Village legislation has been dragging on for four years and we are very reluctant to delay the long awaited, positive reforms in the Bill. However the evidence presented by Queens Lake residents was very convincing, and will force us to rethink our position,” Ms Cusack said.

“I began work on the material presented to me by Queens Lake residents immediately. I will need to burn the midnight oil to get answers and work out new recommendations for Shadow Cabinet. If the Government fails to give satisfactory assurances, then we will be forced to take drastic action in the Legislative Council to either change, defer or block the Bill,” Ms Cusack said.

Leslie Williams congratulated residents for an outstanding presentation. “These concerns simply must be addressed. The whole point of having a Retirement Villages Act is to protect residents. This Bill seems to be doing the opposite by making it easier for big business to fleece them. If so, it must be amended or rejected,” Ms Williams said.

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Tips from the top

Hockeyroos star Nikki Hudson (left) passes on some tips to (L-R) Matt Willis, Simon Massey, James Riddell, Tristan Ireland, Stewart Morgan, Kirsty Onus and Alice Pearlman. Photo: Geoff O’Neill 140705GOD01BUDDING young hockey stars were served a “triple treat” when Hockeyroos stars Nikki Hudson and Angie Skirving, and Kookaburras newcomer Daniel McPherson rolled into Tamworth to conduct a World Best Hockey Clinic.
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Around 45 young hockey enthusiasts attended yesterday’s clinic, a similar number to that which braved wet and cold conditions in Armidale the previous day.

Skirving has just landed back on Australian shores after touring the US and Canada with the Hockeyroos.

“It was great. We had six wins and two draws,” she said.

“A lot of girls made their debuts and it was the first time the squad had been together since the Athens Olympics.”

Among Skirving’s highlights was a hat-trick in one game, no mean feat for a defender, but she was just happy to be getting back into training and competition after taking a break following the Olympics.

There will be no shortage of competition in the coming months, starting with home Tests against Korea next month and then the Champions Trophy in Canberra in December.

“We’ve got a really busy program all geared towards the Commonwealth Games,” Skirving said.

Hudson missed the US tour with a hamstring injury but is poised to be back in national colours for the August series.

“Korea will be a really good opposition and some nice hard matches should be great,” she said.

The midfielder is one of the most capped in the Hockeyroos’ team and is excited by the young talent coming through, predicting Australia would remain among the top three nations.

Hudson, too is aiming to remain a permanent fixture in the national side, and is not anticipating hanging up her stick despite 13 years on the international scene.

“I’m hoping to play for another eight years, another two Olympics.

“As long as the body holds up.”

And she offered a simple philosophy to the youngsters.

“Really do the basic things well.

“Hockey is a simple game made complicated by


In contrast to his Hockeyroos compatriots, McPherson is one of the new additions to the Kookaburra squad.

He won’t be touring with the side on its upcoming campaigns in Germany and the Netherlands but is heading off to Perth on Sunday for a two-week training camp with some of the national team.

“There’s an AIS tour in September so hopefully I should be going on that to Korea and Japan,” McPherson said.

The former Goulburn player is one of three goalkeepers in the Kookaburras squad and was instilling in his young charges yesterday the importance of technique.

“Once you get the technique right, everything else falls into place,” he said.

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Ballot draw decided

Nominations for the Port Macquarie by-election closed on Friday.
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Eleven candidates indicated their intention to contest the seat of Port Macquarie left vacant after the resignation of Independent MP Rob Oakeshott who has since entered Federal politics as the Member for Lyne.

A draw to determine the order of candidates on the ballot paper was conducted at 2:00pm Friday 19 September.

The result of the draw is as follows: James Langley Independent, Robert Waldron Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Party), Lisa Intemann Independent, Susie Russell The Greens, Leslie Williams Nationals, Anthony Galati Independent, Grant Rogers, Bob Sharpham Independent, Peter Besseling Independent, Jamie Harrison, Independent and Cameron Price Independent.

Shop 1 Kew Rd Laurieton will be open for pre-poll voting from October 13 to 17 from 9am to 5pm

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Sports round-up

Nanjing Night Net

Last Wednesday on a beautiful early spring morning 26 members and one visitor played a Single Stroke match. Top score of the day was in B Grade where C. Huntley won with a four under par score of 49. Runner-up was J. Fairbrother with 50 on C/B from B. Nixon. A Grade’s best was K. Nieass with 51 on C/B from N. Craft. Third place on yet another C/B went to I. Johnston with 54. NTP on the 5th in A Grade went to N. Craft and in B Grade, C. Huntley. NTP on the 8th in A Grade was P. Raschke and in B Grade J. Fairbrother won the ball. Best putting in A Grade was by A. Aitken with 21 putts and in B Grade M. McLean won with a miserly 19 putts. Next week’s game will be a 2BBB Stableford and the starters will be I. Johnston & C. Huntley. The Sunday raffle will be presided over by G. McLoughlin, A. & G. Butlin. We’re not sure if George will be back so we may be looking for volunteers. Chris Columbus went around the world in 1492, that’s not a bad score considering the course.



On Sunday 7th September 18 members played an Ambrose event at beautiful Nambucca Island.

The winning team was , Ray Dunn, Tony Collins, Peter Connor and Gary Hinson.

Nearest to pins were Ryan Pierce, Peter Connor, Jay Rawson and Glen Smith

JORDAN’S Lake Cathie Butchery Meat Prize was won by Phil Tapping.

Great surroundings, good food, refreshing drinks, mediocre golf.

The perfect Fathers’ Day.

L.U.S.C. Ladies Social Golf.

On Tuesday,9th September 29 ladies enjoyed a Stroke and Putting match. Division 1 Winner: D.Gordon 34 nett. Runner-up: J.Stapleton 37 nett. 3rd: J.Cook 38 nett. Gross: L.Perry. Division 2 Winner: J.Forbes. 33 nett L.Robson 34 nett. L.Innes 37 nett. Gross: R.Merryful. Putting Division 1: Y.Burnett 17. Division 2: L.Robson 17. Congratulations to J.Stapleton for a birdie on 12th. Fifteen of our members will be enjoying a few days golf at South West Rocks next week.

Lake Cathie Bowling & Recreation Club Social Darts

Matches on 9th September were evenly contested with some very close results at the end of the night. In fact only one point separated the top 3 teams!

Winners were Kitty & Glenn after a playoff with Barb & Allan – both teams on 23 points. Marg & Terry picked up the MUG awards.

HP winners were Barb on 95 & Allan on 19.

The Lake Cathie Butchery prize winners for high score on the night were Marg with another sizzling 108 & Lee on 117.

Raffle results saw a big fat chook go to Mal & Bruce – a member of the club.

Activities continue every Tuesday with rego around 6.15 pm for a 6.30 pm dart off.

Visitors are welcome.



26 players attended last Tuesday night and there were 3 x 3 game winners. Lorna Hoar and Joy Lees who received the 1st place vouchers. Then Jim Cleary and Thelma Ruhan who received the 2nd place vouchers and lastly Bill Hyde and Bill Taylor received scratchies for their effort. Other scratchies were won by Mary Fisher and Val Glasson, Mark Ryan and Brad Mildern, Jean Ryan and Betty Bradley. Well done everybody.

By this Wednesday the first of championships should have been played. Good luck to all. The next social nights games will be on the 30th. Don’t forget that the Retreat Village from Port Macquarie will be visiting us on the 21st. That is always a good day and we play triples. A 6 o’clock start for the next 2 weeks.

North Haven Bowling Club Snooker club

Results for Wednesday 10/9/08.

We would like to welcoming a visitor to our club – Joe Locke and wish him happy brithday for last wednesday.

Majors winner: Colin Cooke. Runner up: Chris Wheadon

Minors winner: Brian Rees. Runner up: Joe Locke.

Names in by 6.15p.m. with a 6.30p.m. start.

In off the red.


Monday 8 September 2008 Mitchell Movement directed by Margaret Dunlop.

NS 1 Margaret Dunlop & Elaine Lockwood, 2 Colin Choat & John Davies. 3 Carolyn Van Der Veen & Pat Smith, Draw John & Norma Dew.

EW 1 Nioni Cummins & Lyn Redgate, 2 Norma Feller & Ron Fiore, 3 Pamela Bennett & Bill Stallebrass, Draw Betty Twomey & Joan McLaren.

Thursday 11 September 2008 Mitchell Movement directed by Lyn Redgate.

NS 1 Dee Anderson & Margaret Reynolds, 2 John & Valda Toose, 3 Lyn Redgate & Pat Parsons, Draw Robert Andrews & Marj Lear.

EW 1 Yvonne Breakwell & Bet Matthews, 2 Pamela Bennett & Moreen Dellow, 3 Stuart Baalman & Joan Holt, Draw Margaret Sander & Walter Hughes.

Friday 12 September 2008 Mitchell Movement directed by Pam Bennett.

NS 1 Colin Choat & Jim Forbes , 2 Pamela Bennett & Bet Matthews, 3 Irene Love & Muriel Bishop, Draw Judy Dewson & Judy Riley.

EW 1 Joan Holt & Pat Parsons, 2 Marj Lear & Don Colyer, 3 Lyn Redgate & Elaine Lockwood, Draw Lynn Hateley & Marie Murphy.



“If there are any juniors who have not registered yet it is not too late. Either contact Pat Kerr on 65594495 or turn up to the following training days where registration forms will be available. There are vacancies in all age groups. We will again be running an In2Cricket program (6-8 years) which will run on a Wednesday afternoon and will commence on wednesday 15th October from 4.30. Registration available now or over the first couple of weeks.

Junior season will commence on 18th October and training is set to commence as follows:

U13’s – Coach Todd Clarke – Wednesday 17th September 4pm

U14’s – Coach Darren Hudson – Wednesday 17th September 4pm

U12’s – Coach Peter Price – Monday 22nd September 4.30 pm

U16’s – Coach Nathan Slater – Tuesday 23rd September 4.30 pm.

9’s, 10’s & 11’s yet to be decided.

Senior training to commence Thursday 18th September 4 pm.”

Queens Lake Sailing Club

The first race of the new season was sailed in a delightful 10 knot ENE breeze, full sun and pleasant temperature. What more could we ask for?

Six boats were sent on their way by the Commodore and the Treasurer who were manning the start boat on the day, resulting in a very orderly start.

Peter Lentz in his new Tasar, Hakunamathata (a shorter name will soon be forthcoming or it might be nicknamed Haka in the results), got the best of the start but was soon involved in close racing with Anything (Mark Holt), Rockhopper (Ian Latham) and Rumpus (John Hudson).

As the race progressed No Symmetry (Clayton Thomas), the only catamaran in the fleet, forged ahead and was first home. Chris Watt having his first race in his Laser had the misfortune to break his hiking strap, but managed to finish despite this setback.

On corrected time Hakunamathata won from Anything followed by Rumpus, The Shark, Rockhopper and No Symmetry.

LUSC Wednesday

Night Euchre

Winners Alma Beach and Gwen (the boss) Mathieson, runners-up Margaret Caples, Evelyn Bonnano and Barbara Blade.

Twenty six players enjoyed a game of Euchre this week after a nice fish and chip meal at the club. Lucky door prize also given out, winners were Denise Templeman, Donna Cutler, Ray Davis and Bill Hyde. Good night had by all, see you next week.

North Haven Bowling Club Social Darts

September 10, 2008

1st place Kitty & Iris, 2nd Patricia & Doug. LHS Learne 126, LHP Jocelyn 45, MHS GB 140, MHP GB 50. Raffle 1 Kitty, 2 Raelene, 3 Shirley, 4 Loma, 5 Raelene, 6 Raelene.

Mystery Peg 23 not hit. Mugs Raelene and Barb.

Darts every Wednesday, names in by 7.15pm. All welcome to come along.

LUSC Indoor Sports Bowls

There was only one three game winning team this week Beryl (lucky) Duck and Ray Woolgar. Consolation winners on the evening were Chris Wagner and Mary Fisher, Adolf Wagner and Lorna Hore, Betty Bradley and Barbara Woolgar. Still a smallish crowd, but still an enjoyable evening had by all. See you next week. Names in by 6.45 please.

Kendall Services & Citizens Club Social Darts

September 9, 2008

1st Pam & CB, 2nd Joyce & Darren. LHS Pam 122, MHS Tony 121, LHP Joyce 50, MHP Tony 48.

Raffle Learne, Trish, Geoff, Lesley, Rad. L/D 1 Col, Cheryl, Trish, Cheryl, Mick. Mugs went to Margaret and Chris, Sharon and Geoff.

Happy Birthday to Col Youngberry for September 5.

Social darts every Tuesday night names in by 7.15pm. All welcome.

Laurieton Tennis Club

Wednesday Night Comp

Results: September 10, 2008

David, Jana, John, Julie def David, Matt, Michael, Scott 25/23.

Les, Judy, Callum, Julie drew with Milton, Di, Ryan, Lyn 24/24.

Well done everyone.

CH Redbacks

Junior Soccer

LUSC YD1 v Rangers

Disappointment in the Grand Final losing our only game for the season cruelly by a penalty shoot out. We weren’t at our best on the night however, luck did play an evil part on our behalf as the ball would not go into the net for us. Anyhow heads up lads we were the best all season thanks to sponsors, mums, dads, great support on the night and for the fun and fond memories that come to mind. Hope to see you all at the Presentation and for those involved with the seniors, see you at training for two more weeks hopefully.

LUSC Sunday Euchre Club

September 14, 2008

Winners John Walsh and Bob Milner, runners-up John Mitchell and Sid Charlwood.

Lucky door Mick Driscoll.

LUSC Men’s Social Golf Club

Summers arrived, a magic morning on the golf course for a 2 man Ambrose. No winners on the day but a very enjoyable round of golf. Next week we finish off the matchplay and don’t forget we need names in for the trip away.

Mick 2manyjobs.

Camden Haven Junior

Rugby League Club

Will be holding their Presentation day on Saturday September 20, starting time will be 2pm to 4pm for Mini’s with AGM held after Mini’s. Presentation for Mod’s and International’s will start shortly after AGM Presentation held at our main sponsors Laurieton United Servicemen’s Club.

Kendall Social Golf Club

The winter weather has seen a down turn in numbers at our social games for the last month but with Spring here now we hope to see you all back on the course. On Sunday August 24, five brave souls turned up with Lisa showing the boys how it is done. On Sunday September 7, only four players were at the first tee so Kylie and Phil teamed up to challenge Pom and Snags and came up trumps.

Our major raffle was very successful. Thank you to everyone who supported us and to the members for their efforts in selling raffle tickets and our sponsors for their generous donations. The winner of the set of golf clubs was Dan Bale, Bold Hair gift voucher was won by June Swan, the voucher from Kendall Bottlo was won by Al Hudson, Tony Brown won the voucher from Platters Fish and Deli, Lyn Anderson the voucher from T-Bones Butcher, Kylie Crossfield the voucher from Robbo’s Quality Meats and box of golf balls to Lindsay Norrie and Craig Bellamy.

No social golf this Sunday due the Bellingen trip. Our next social game at Kew will be Sunday October 7, with a 6.30am tee off.

Mid Week Ladies Tennis

Results September 11, Yewdall def Betts 36-18.

Grand Final at Kendall September 18, Shoesmith v Yewdall.

Luncheon and Presentation at end of play. Please bring your plate and knife and fork for your own use.

LUSC Lawn Bowls

What a beautiful day last Thursday was, weather, lovely sunshine, a slight breeze, good company as usual. The refreshments were great, a perfect afternoon was enjoyed by all. The winners of the day were Rink 1 Jim Lennox, Whitler Wayling and the old Stalwart Leslie Thompson, 2nd winning rink winners were Roy Boydell, Kevin Niess and the chicken man Jerry Janik, 3rd winning rink was Allan Russell, Kevin Bogg and Tommy Gunns. First runner-up was three arm Wyper, lover boy Lovell and Barry Shorter, 2nd Noel punchy Collins, Alan Bradford and Ken McCosker, 3rd up was Merv Love, Ian Johnston and Barry Suann. The lucky number winners were $20 Pat Guthrie, $10 to money bags Allan Russell and $5 to John Slager. Christmas Club raffle winners were Barry Suann, Ron Morris and the Laurieton Mayor James Turner, $25 to each of those three gents. Money goes to money does it. Visitors, we had Barry Moore from Griffiths, John Manning from Port Macquarie and Barry Briggs from Gwandalan wherever that is. It is very nice to have you gents visit us, come along any time you feel you would like to spend an afternoon at the best club on the coast, just turn up, we love to have visitors. Sick list, we have Tony Jack knee operation, Alan Beattie, a mower fell on his foot, but luckily it was a ride-on, so doesn’t have to hop along while mowing, Nev Ripley, Ron Allan, Ken McDonald and Peter Loveday. Any other members not well I don’t know about, hope you are all well very soon and back on the green again. Birthdays Keith Ibbotson 72 I think, anyway have a beauty Keith. We don’t have a report this week from the Ladies Bowling Club, I think old baldy forgot to bring it with him. Silly old moow. I would like to sincerely thank the correspondent from the Courier for the write up and photo’s of the President of LUSC Bowling Club presenting the $500 cheque to Mrs Bucket, from the Hastings Recreation and Sporting Disabled Club, also the great service they give to our bowling club reporting, it is greatly appreciated thank you. I hope all you bowlers that played versatility triples enjoyed it, a nice change from the usual routine and you can look forward to many more games of the same. Our Annual Shield Day Challenge with Lake Cathie is to be held on October 9, at Lake Cathie, there will be a game of 12 ends in the morning starting 9.45, have lunch and refreshments, then 12 ends or the bell in the afternoon lunch provided for $10 per head and free green fees, maybe a spider, will be a raffle not included in the $10 and the bowls secretary will have the sheet with him on Thursday October 2, so if you want to play in the Shield Challenge be early to bowls on the 2nd, as the first 60 names down will play, so don’t say you were not told of the procedure – be early. Hope you are all enjoying good health and be kind to your fellow man, you may want a loan some day. See you.

Jack High.

LUSC Snooker

The very strong “Port Panthers” snooker club will play here next Sunday. President Glen Kunze and his selection committee have named eight players to try and win this tournament A Grade G Kunze (Capt) G Beaver (V/Capt) G Palmer and M Banicek, B Grade B Lennard hopes his wife is back home (Veronica) and Brian are down in Sydney after she was flown down in the air ambulance two weeks ago, good luck, if not K Racevich will lead the team J Gill, R Davison and G Otto will play in Brian’s place. Good luck and spectators are “warned” this will be a torrid affair.

Tuesday September 9, Major Final “The Penguin” shows plenty of skill to beat our ever working “bookkeeper” Lady Thea who has her hands full her son is recovering in a Melbourne hospital after a very bad accident. Good luck Thea and I hope that one day soon you will have good news and more time to practice your favourite sport “Snooker.” Minor Final Mick Banicek gets serious and down goes Keith Racevich.

Thursday September 11, Major Final GT Thomson has both his shoulders back in working order, just ask the number one player. Glen Kunze is good but 90 points start leaves no room for error. Minor Final Banicek vs Racevich same as Tuesday night see no reason to change anything.

The AGM last Sunday morning President G Kunze Vice President M Banicek Secretary (vacant) Tresasurer T Wieggers, Committee Bloomfield, G Beaver, R Howell, thank you Robert Dwyer.

It was just great to see big Ray Mac who is having a rough “trot” (he’s one out and one back). Look at his smiling face would you buy a car off this man, of course you would “good luck” my friend, gold, gold, gold, “England” here we come.

PS: Ron Howell also made the meeting.

Two Balls.

NHBC Anglers

Our September comp was held last weekend September 13 and 14. Once again, real topsy and turvy torrid conditions were bestowed upon us. Albeit the conditions, we had an extremely great roll-up of members attend the weigh-in. Seventeen anglers presented nine species for 75 fish to weighmaster Geoff Boese and recorder, Dick Spencer in with four species for 11 fish, 5 sand flathead, 3 r/wrasse, 2 snapper best at 2.205kg and a morwong. Ross McMiles in with two species of 5 sand flathead and 3 morwong best at .780kg. Trevor Lewis in with three of 6 fish including 3 s/flathead, 2 snapper and 1 morwong. Shane Madden with two of 5 s/flathead best at 1.295kg and 1 snapper. Geoff Boese with three of 5 s/flathead to 1.00kg and one each of snapper and r/wrasse. Ian Collins in with three of 1 each of s/flathead to 1.035kg snapper and sweep. The “Snowman” Turenen with a snapper as well. All reds about the same to .650kg. From the estuary, Steve Pepper with 5 luderick to .500kg. Pete Stace with 4 bream to .500kg. Tony Morrissey and Troy Taylor with bream each to .500kg. Robert Penrose with 2 luderick to .565kg and a dusky flathead. Mick Murray also with a luderick. From the beach, Dick Spencer with 5 salmon – best at 3.420kg and Aaron Muldoon with a salmon at 2.465kg. The ladies saw Karen Taylor with a bream from the estuary. Junior boys saw Troy Boese from outside with 5 s/flathead to .820kg. Des (DJ) Sparkes with 2 luderick from the estuary to .500kg $20 secret weight won by Trevor Lewis.

Two x $20 lucky anglers won by Robert Penrose and Aaron Muldoon. Fifteen dollar voucher won by James Penrose for a junior attending and sponsored by North Haven Bait & Tackle – thank you Kim and Darrel. Welcome aboard new members, Sandra, Karen, Corinda and Brandon, Cameron and David Peake. Next committee meeting on Tuesday October 14, at 6pm. Comp following weekend 18 & 19, weigh-in at 1pm.

In the meantime, “fine piscatorialing.”

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